I.T Infrastructure Monitoring

By choosing Zabbix, youll have a tool that will allow you to track virtually infinite types of data on the network. This is high-performance real-time monitoring: tens of thousands of servers, virtual machines and network assets monitored simultaneously. Along with data collection, visualization features (overviews, maps, charts, screens, etc.) are also available, as well as various forms of flexible data analysis to generate alerts.

Zabbix offers great data collection performance and can scale to large environments. Distributed monitoring, web interface, secure authentication and flexible user permission scheme are just some of the features that Zabbix offers you for high data collection performance.

F13 Tecnologia has technology Zabbix certified experts ready to help you implement the best IT monitoring framework for your business.


Managing Zimbra has never been so easy

Advanced features that will help you more efficiently manage the Zimbra collaboration suite.

Control network access quickly, easily and securely

Home office and access management to stations, equipment and servers in accordance with data protection laws.